Google Assistant is now able to read messages from third-party apps

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Google Assistant can do quite a bit, such as being able to read your SMS messages aloud. This functionality has been limited to SMS and native Google applications, but that could soon change as the company is reportedly readying to roll out functionality to a handful of popular third-party messaging apps.

This according to Android Police, which is a fairly solid source when it comes to things like this, with the functionality now available of the likes of WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram, among others.

Making this functionality available to other platforms makes a lot of sense, especially as those messaging platforms are far more popular than SMS or any of the messaging tools that Google has in place.

Unfortunately though this capability is limited to messages in English, with support for other languages not available yet.

Nevertheless, the ability to dictate, as well as having messages read aloud by Google Assistant could help make the service even more popular than it currently is. With Google yet to officially comment on the feature’s availability, we’ll need to wait for the firm to confirm where it will be rolled out to.

A rather interesting aspect to this new functionality is how the firm aims to use the data collected from reading messages aloud, from a machine learning perspective. With Google continually looking to refine its Duplex AI platform, this new feature will no doubt provide the firm with valuable insights.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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