htxt.africast – Note 10, Metal Wolf Chaos XD and Canon imagePRESS

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In this new africast – brought to you by Canon South Africa – we’re talking hardware, software, and then hardware again.

Announced just last night by Samsung the Note 10 and Note 10+ have now been fully revealed and we know all their specs, prices and availability both worldwide and in South Africa. Very surprisingly, as we find out in the podcast, that these new devices are lighter than last year’s Note 9 despite packing beefier internals. Even the Note 10+, which has a bigger screen, has managed to stay relatively light thanks to getting rid of its bezels. We’ll hopefully have our review unit soon to tell you more about it.

Next up is Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a game Devolver Digital reincarnated after it was launched in 2004 on the first Xbox (that’s the original console, not the Xbox One). It’s been spruced up a bit for new hardware but retains most of what made it special a decade and a half ago. Unfortunately, it’s got a tonne of problems that some “so bad its good” elements can’t fix.

We end the podcast by chatting to Canon’s Pro Print team to discuss recent changes on the local printing landscape, and how some of the needs of customers in this space have subsequently shifted. The Canon team also talks about its imagePRESS C910 printer, which is designed to handle a myriad specialised printing tasks, with it being an offering the company is particularly excited to make available in the country

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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