Impossible Foods gets FDA green light to sell in US stores

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Whatever your opinion of Impossible Foods is, the company behind the plant-based Impossible Burger, you cannot deny that it has been making waves recently.

The latest development for the firm is the ability to sell its plant-based meats in US stores following it receiving approval from the FDA in the States. This is a significant step for the company, which up until now has had to partner with restaurants and fast food chains in order to get more people to try the plant-based meat.

You can’t walk into your local stores just yet to get an Impossible Burger just yet, with the approval taking effect as of 4th September. Added to this is the fact we don’t know where Impossible Foods plans to sell its products in the States, with no specific retailers outlined at this stage.

With one of Impossible Foods’ competitors Beyond Meats already available at selected Whole Foods in the US, this latest development should at the very least offer meat eaters a few interesting alternative the next time they are walking through the aisles. Whether they’ll reach for an Impossible Foods product over their regular meat option, is another question altogether.

If you do find yourself Stateside in the interim, you can try out an Impossible Burger from Burger King. If not we advise you give this video from Vice’s Munchies food channel a watch for a better idea of what the Impossible Burger is all about.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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