Nike debuts self-lacing Huarache shoes that work with Siri

No company has been pushing the self-lacing sneaker trend more than Nike.

The firm first introduced the concept to the general public with its HyperAdapt shoes aimed at people who did not have the physical capacity to tie their own shoes, and then the technology ported over to a pair of basketball sneakers.

Now Nike has shifted it to streetwear, and in particular to a new pair of Huarache sneakers.

The Nike Adapt Huarache, as they are being called, feature a neoprene upper, and more importantly, a version of the motorised HyperAdapt system to loosen or tighten its laces depending on the wearer’s preference.

Added to this is the ability to control this mechanism via a mobile app, with an interesting added touch for those with an iPhone as Siri can be commanded to prompt the HyperAdapt system on these new Huarache. There’s also support for Apple Watch if you don’t trust Siri to get the job done.

This new offering will likely appeal to hypebeasts and streetwear enthusiasts, especially as the Huarache model is a favourite on the scene. Like all sneakers that Nike believes will be highly coveted, the apparel maker will make the Nike Adapt Huarache available Stateside via the SNKRS app on 13th September.

There is no price for these sneakers at the moment though, but going off of past HyperAdapt sporting shoes, we could be looking at anything over the $300 mark.

Also missing is whether Nike plans to release the shoes in regions outside of the US, so you’ll need to check in with the likes of Shesha and Shelflife to find out if they’ll be stocking it.


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