You can now play Diablo in a browser, if you own Diablo

Application developer Rivsoft has done something quite remarkable by making Diablo playable through a web browser.

Yes you read that right, you can now play Diablo in the piece of software you’re probably reading this story in.

Before you rush off to the Rivsoft website to play the game however, there is a catch. In order to play  you will need a copy of the game.

This is because the game needs the DIABDAT.MPQ file in order to run. To get that file you need a copy of the game which you can purchase through websites such as GOG.

We have seen a report from Engadget claiming that a demo version of the game can be played without the aforementioned file but we are unable to find this demo as of time of writing.

The ability to play Diablo through a browser is made possible by a project that was announced last year.

You might recall a GitHub user going by Galaxyhaxz stumbling across the source code for Diablo on a Japanese port of the game. With this code, Galaxyhaxz decided to start Devilution, a project that would strive to preserve the original Diablo source code warts and all.

Rivsoft acknowledges the folks working on Devilution and it’s rather heartwarming to see this project bearing fruit.

Of course, for you and I that means the version of Diablo we’ll play in a browser is likely riddled with bugs. That having been said Diablo was first released in 1996, an era before game patches were considered normal and developers had to ship a game in the best possible state.

If you have a copy of Diablo you can head here to play the game in your browser. For those that want to purchase Diablo you can head here and, if you’re more interested in the source code and Devilution, you can find the GitHub page here.

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