Death Stranding briefing trailer served up at TGS 2019, offers some plot points

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The Tokyo Games Show (TGS 2019) is currently underway in… Tokyo, which means a number of new game trailers and announcements will be surfacing in the coming days. One of the first high-profile ones comes in the form a briefing trailer for Death Stranding, which is one the big titles that the PlayStation 4 will feature later this year.

We still no very little about the Hideo Kojima-led game, despite several lengthly trailers appearing. We’ve even tried to watch the trailers in a backwards order to no avail.

This new briefing trailer, however, is perhaps our best chance yet and understanding what Kojima has cooked up for Death Stranding.

The briefing element here is for the main protagonist Sam “Porter” Bridges, who is betting briefed by an unknown man in a black mask, and the new president of the United States.

It looks like Sam will be tasked with “reconnecting” several cities across the US via a system called Cairo, but to what end isn’t precisely clear, although the fate of humanity is involved. It’s also unknown at what stage of the game’s storyline this is, but seeing as how the developers would like to keep the game as much of mystery as possible. we’re assuming it’s near the beginning.

Either way there does seem to be a plot to Death Stranding, and fears that this is simply a hodge podge of ideas from a Kojima fever dream, have been put to rest. It’s also shaping up that the cutscenes in Death Stranding will be quite dense and difficult to dissect, so news that the game will have an ultra easy mode for players to watch and understand the storyline better, may be a good thing.

Either way, Death Stranding will likely require more than one play-through in order to full grasp the ideas that Kojima puts forward. The game launches on PS4 come 8th November.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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