New Jurassic World short film shows off a Mosasaurus in South Africa

If you like the newer Jurassic World world movies, you’re in luck today as an official short film called Battle at Big Rock has been released, with a particularly interesting moment pertinent to South Africa (and fans of sharks) happening during the credits.

A Mosasaurus, one of which was heavily featured in the 2015 film, is seen snapping up a shark while itself had just breached through the water and had its own meal.

While it’s not specifically stated to be in South Africa, Great White breachings to catch seals is a famous occurrence in False Bay near Cape Town. As the footage in the credits looks to be existing videos with dinosaurs added in, we wouldn’t be surprised if that clip was recorded in South Africa too.

This interesting addition is only a small part of Battle at Big Rock, however, and has no real impact on the film itself.

The video has been uploaded to the official Jurassic World YouTube account and can be watched in full in the embed below.

Battle at Big Rock (named after its setting at Big Rock National Park) is set a year after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and sees a family caught in a battle between some dinosaurs while trying to enjoy a trip to the park.

The film was directed and co-written by Colin Trevorrow, who directed the 2015 movie, and had a hand in writing both of the Jurassic World movies. Emily Carmichael also had a hand in writing Battle at Big Rock, and will be writing the screenplay for the third movie.

At under nine minutes as a few product, the quality on offer here is extremely high and it’s a good watch even if you’re not the biggest fans of the new movies. We’re also a sucker for seeing South Africa get a nod in any media, even if it is a bit tangential. Give it a watch:

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