Huawei Mobile SA confirms local Mate 30 Pro launch postponed

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Earlier this month Huawei unveiled its new flagship Mate 30 series in Munich, but the debut of the device was shrouded by the fact that the devices on show were not running any official Google apps, or indeed have access to the Google Play Store.

Since then it has remained unclear when or indeed if Huawei planned to launch the devices in South Africa, but in an exclusive interview with MyBroadband the firm has confirmed that the Mate 30 Pro launch in SA has been postponed.

Speaking to Huawei Consumer Business Group SA general manager, Zhao Likun, the rollout of the new flagship phone has been postponed to an unknown date.

“We have postponed the sale of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro in South Africa,” Zhao told the local publication.

“This smartphone works on Huawei’s ecosystem and open-source Android, and from our side, we don’t think the ecosystem is ready,” he added.

To clarify the Mate 30 series is running an open-source version of Android, which means it has access to the core elements of the operating system, but this does not include the like of Google Play Services. As such this would result in a relatively diminished user experience, especially as Gmail, Google Maps and Chrome are key parts of any Android phone these days.

With the firm’s situation with the United States, and consequently Google, still up in the air, Huawei says that it is working hard to integrate core apps into its own ecosystem when the next P series of devices gets launched next year.

If that is indeed the case, Huawei’s postponement statement seems more like a placeholder for when the firm announces that the Mate 30 Pro will not be coming to South Africa. We say this as the firm has still remain tight-lipped on the situation, and has not chosen to hold an open media briefing to discuss the current issues plaguing its mobile business.

Still Huawei believes it can leverage other developer ecosystems to help bolster its own moving forward, and aims to have something ready for South Africa in future.

“South Africa is a valuable market for Huawei, and we will continue to invest and maintain our presence in the country. Our strategy is to build a local ecosystem by cooperating with local partners to enhance the advantage of the Huawei ecosystem,” concluded Zhao.

While we now know that Huawei plans to postpone the local launch of the Mate 30 Pro, the bigger picture for the firm still remains unclear.

We have reached out to Huawei with several question surrounding recent developments, and are awaiting feedback. Once given we’ll be sure to share with concerned local consumers.

You can read Huawei’s full interview with MyBroadband here.

[Source – MyBroadband]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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