Exit the Gungeon is a mobile spin-off of one of the best roguelikes ever

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If you were a bit underwhelmed by Apple’s recent presentation and announcement of Apple Arcade, the service may now have something to get excited by in the form of Exit the Gungeon.

If that name sounds familiar it’s because this is a spin-off of Enter the Gungeon, the roguelike bullet hell from 2016 that became one of our favourite games of all time and earned a perfect score when we re-reviewed it after years of free DLC and expansions.

This new mobile game, however, is different in many ways as you’ll see in the trailer embedded below. It’s described as a “bullet hell dungeon climber” which sees the core characters from the original game finally leaving the Gungeon as it’s collapsing.

We’re not exactly sure how the gameplay will map to mobile devices, but we have faith in original developers Dodge Roll who are returning here. They’re assisted by Singlecore Games who seems to have a decent track record going off of their past games. Exit the Gungeon also seems to share some DNA with Sinlecore Games’ past title To The Hell.

Many enemies, NPCs, weapons and more return for this new game, but it looks as though they’ve all been changed slightly for a different art style here. There’s also some new stuff here, such as the large cobra used in the key art which we assume is linked to the Ammoconda, a much hated boss from Enter the Gungeon.

Aside from being on mobile, which not everyone may like, the big downside of this announcement is the apparent Apple Arcade exclusivity. Aside from the use of the word “debut” here, a developer from Dodge Roll has confirmed that the game will come to other platforms in the future, and is only a timed exclusive on Apple devices. That statement, as well as more details about the game, can be read on Reddit.

If you already own one or more Apple devices and don’t mind forking out $4.99, Apple Arcade will launch on 19th September. We’re not entirely sure if Exit the Gungeon will be available on that launch date as its release is listed as “soon”. With the 19th just a week away at the time of writing, we’d consider that rather soon.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.