Forget Mega Construx and build your own Halo Warthog from LEGO

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The Warthog is arguably the most famous vehicle from Halo, and you can now assemble one yourself if you have the right LEGO bricks, and some new instructions.

If you’re experiencing déjà vu right now, that’s because a buildable Warthog has been available for some time now. Mega Construx – the rebranded Mega Bloks – has the licence to make Halo sets, and they sell their own version of the vehicle.

if you’re a LEGO purist, however, you don’t need to buy any other brand thanks to instructions from Nick Brick, a creator famous for his 1:1 LEGO weapon builds.

While many version of a LEGO Warthog have existed before, this new one banks on the availability of parts in a newer sand green colour from the 21042: Statue of Liberty set. This gives the vehicle a look closer to how it appears in the game.

This version is made up of 349 pieces and features rolling wheels and a movable turret. It’s measurements are given in studs (18 long and 9 wide) which is about 14 X 7 centimetres.

Like the ‘real” vehicle the Warthog can hold three minifigures – a driver, a passenger and a gunner.

If you’d like to make your own the instructions are available for $6. You will also, of course, need the required pieces. If you want to go completely colour accurate (as seen in the demo video below) it may be a bit difficult to get the correct ones unless you own the Statue of Liberty set.

The best place to get individual pieces is the unofficial secondhand market site Bricklink, but if you live in a country that supports it the official LEGO Bricks & Pieces service is also an option, though its selection is limited and usually more expensive.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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