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How to watch all the Rugby World Cup matches when you’re at work

The Rugby World Cup 2019 kicks off today, and seeing as how the host nation of Japan is seven hours ahead of South Africa, many of the games will be aired in the morning or midday (SA time).

This means if you’re at work, you’ll miss out on a lot of the live action when you’re desk-bound during weekdays.

Luckily there are some solutions available to surreptitiously watch all of the weekday games while your boss isn’t around.

To do that we turn to DStv Now, which is the best legal option for streaming matches if you’re not home. There are of course a few more creative workarounds, but those aren’t exactly legal as SuperSport is the local broadcast partner for the tournament.

If you have a DStv Premium account or know someone generous who does, you can watch matches via your web browser or a mobile device that supports the DStv Now app (iOS and Android).

We also advice taking a tablet to work in order to watch matches, as the browser option might prove a bit distracting if you don’t have a dual monitor setup at the desk.

If you can’t dedicate 80 minutes of the day to watch a match, there is also highlight packages for each game being made available on Showmax, which too is available for free to DStv Premium subscribers, or at R99 per month if you’ve used the 14-day free trial already.

With more than half of the Rugby World Cup pool matches happening during the week, and midday for us here in SA, fans will need to make the most of technology to ensure they don’t miss a thing.

And finally, let’s go Boks.

[Image – @Springboks Twitter]

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