LEGO kicks of Christmas early with an inedible gingerbread house

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If you’re into old school Christmas traditions and building a gingerbread house, LEGO is now offering an alternative that you can’t eat, but you can still build.

Set 10267: Gingerbread House is made up of 1 477 pieces and features a highly detailed desert home inhabited by a small family.

There are two minifigures here – a gingerbread man and a gingerbread woman – and they have a baby, which is just a small printed tile piece.

LEGO has made a gingerbread man in the past, so these minifigures are new prints on that old mould. That being said the new prints here are great, and the house is the main attraction.

While it’s not immediately obvious that this house is made up of candy, it does feature a frosted roof and many simulated sweets throughout. Our favourites on the front are fake candy canes used in both the windows and the street sign.

Turn the set around and the back of the house is open to facilitate both display and play. The two stories each contain their own unique but small rooms, and there’s more great details here like the Christmas stockings above the fire place and a crib for the baby.

Strangely, the top floor even features a bathroom complete with a toilet and a bath. How do gingerbread people bath? Surely they’d get soggy and fall apart? This kind of existential question reminds us of this classic Cyanide & Happiness comic.


The set is also packed with smaller builds to be used in and around the house. There’s a snowblower for the adults to use, a carriage for the baby, and a Christmas tree with lots of toys to put under it.

If you’re already adding this to your wishlist, it’s priced at $99.99 / £84.99 / €89.99 depending on where you live. If you’re not included in the big first world countries, expect your local price to be close to the UK one after conversion and some added on the top for local taxes and import fees.

This set forms part of the ongoing Winter Village series LEGO has been creating for some time now inside of their Creator theme.

As it sometimes does, LEGO has released a short trailer of sorts to show off the set by animating it. You can see that in the embedded tweet below.

They’ve also released a designer video so you can see more of it as explained by the person who created the set, and more still images can be found on the Brickset database.

Finally, it’s worth noting that LEGO’s other popular Christmas-themed sets – the advent calendars – recently went on sale in their 2019 guise. Like most years you can buy the calendars with specific themes in Friends, City, and Star Wars. This year is a bit different as a new Harry Potter variant has been made available.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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