Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro is a console as well as a controller

If you’re understandably burnt out from retro mini console re-releases, SNK is doing something special for its Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro: a complete gaming system built into an fight stick that can also be used as a regular controller on other systems.

The Arcade Stick Pro will come with 20 games installed, but none of them have been announced yet. And, while it has been promised for a world wide release, the launch date and price are similarly a mystery at this point.

What we do know is that the device measures in at 43 X 21.5 X 12.5 centimetres, and has two unique modes: console mode and joystick mode.

In console mode you hook the Arcade Stick Pro into a TV or some other screen, and you play the pre-installed games right off of it. As the fight stick only supports one player, it also has ports for other controllers (or another Arcade Stick Pro) for games that support more than one player.

In joystick mode, the device is intended to be connected to a computer, or the Neo Geo Mini arcade cabinet. The announcement claims that, in this mode, “We guarantee a solid experience with this arcade stick”, but knowing how picky fight stick users are we’re not entirely convinced on that front.

Other useful features include a headphone jack, internal cable storage, and the ability to remap buttons.

While this is certainly interesting, it’s not entirely new as Capcom did something similar with the Home Arcade earlier this year. If the Arcade Stick Pro does what most of these consoles do, and prevents the addition of more games, 20 is a rather low number.

You can read the very limited information about the announcement on SNK’s corporate site, and we’ll just have to wait for more details to be released outside of that.

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