The Nintendo Switch Lite will sell for R3999 in South Africa

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Announced back in July, South Africans hoping to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite knew that the console would be coming to the country the same time as the rest of the world – 20th September – but we didn’t know the price of it just yet.

That changed today thanks to a press release sent out by the local distributor of Nintendo in the country. When the new console launches in September it will do so with a recommended retail price of R3 999.

As a smaller console with less features compared to the regular Switch, the Switch Lite comes with a smaller price tag. At the time of writing, an original Switch direct from the distributor costs R5 999.

That R2 000 price difference is substantial. Nintendo themselves have organised the differences between the two consoles in this table, but the important ones are the inability to connect the Switch Lite to a TV, the lack of removable Joy-Con controllers, and a smaller range of compatible games because of those two factors.

What you’re getting in return is a smaller console that makes portability easier, with the Switch Lite being substantially lighter than the original one plus Joy-Cons attached: 275 grams versus 398 grams. The Switch Lite also has a newer chipset inside which, combined with the smaller screen, means more battery life.

On top of being included in the worldwide release, local consumers also get their pick of the three launch colours: Grey, Turquoise and Yellow. The only version we don’t see listed locally yet is the special edition for Pokémon Sword and Shield, though we’re sure that will pop up closer to the release of those two games in November.

On top of the RRP, we’ve also been provided a list of the authorised South African retailers of the Switch Lite. Buying the new console from these stores gets you a one year warranty:

  • BT Games
  • Dion Wired
  • FNB
  • Game
  • GAME4U
  • Hi-Online
  • Incredible Connection
  • Makro
  • Musica
  • Nintendo Online Store
  • Nintendo Pop Up Zone
  • RARU
  • Takealot
  • Toy Zone
  • Toys R Us
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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