This Channelled Nail from Hollow Knight is a huge 3D print

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With Hollow Knight: Silksong still somewhere on the horizon the community is still enjoying the original game and makers in it are still using it as inspiration, as we see here in this Channelled Nail 3D print scaled way up so that a regular person can wield it.

This is the world of Lance Greene who we featured recently for his work on the Dishonored pistol. Greene was kind enough to tell us how this newer project came to be.

Like the pistol this was modelled in Fusion 360 and took just one hour to complete. “The shape of the sword lends itself perfectly to the design process, allowing me to design most of it with some sketches and loft commands,” Greene says, “Plus the fact that I do product design using Fusion 360 as well means i am able to design stuff like this in my head before I actually sit down and start using the software, so I pretty much already know what I’m going to do before I actually do it.”

The Channelled Nail was chosen after looking through all the versions of the weapon from the game and picking the one that looked the best and that Greene would most enjoy designing. Impressively, only the in-game model of the weapon was used as a reference here.

Printing, on the other hand, took longer to complete at 18 hours. The way the Nail was sliced and the printing setup here means that no supports were needed.

Completed the Channelled Nail is exactly one metre in length. You can see the imposing print in the gallery below and how it scales up to a person with Greene himself holding on to it. Like many prints this long some internal support is needed her to prevent drooping, and a dowel is inserted into the plastic to prevent this.

No finishing work was done after the plastic came off of the printer, but it was painted. A black primer base was applied followed by masking tape and finally a shiny chrome paint for the rest of the surface.

With such an elegant design and a two colour paint job, those looking to make their own version can do so by grabbing the files for free from Thingiverse.

If you prefer your Hollow Knight prints on the smaller side, or just want something to print after this, check out the work of another maker who recreated more than a dozen of the characters from the game.

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