EA acknowledges FIFA 20 career mode bugs, says it will fix things

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FIFA 20 has been available for the past two weeks, and the latest football title from EA Sports brings with it a swathe of welcome changes and improvements. Despite its attempts to make improvements though, the changes have resulted in some rather buggy gameplay elements, with career mode in particular earning the ire of players.

One of the big issues in career mode is how AI handles lineups for teams, and specifically forming an under par lineup for important matches. Added to this is “big” teams performing poorly over the course of a season, and in some extreme cases getting relegated.

While we’re all for levelling the playing field, this is not the experience that players have been wanting.

To its credit, EA Sports has acknowledged the numerous issues that FIFA 20 is suffering from, taking to the game’s official forum to list the problems and how it plans to address them.

Each specific issue is at a different stage of being addressed the developer confirms, but a patch to tackle all the problems has not been detailed at this stage. As such it remains to be seen if EA will go for a bunch of patches for FIFA, or one large one to take care of everything.

With some problems needed more feedback than others, it could be the former.

At this stage it’s unclear how so many problems entered the fray in FIFA 20, but given the short turnaround time between titles each year, as well as the numerous changes in this latest game, this is somewhat expected.

In the greater scheme of things, we’d rather play a FIFA game that fails at trying something new and different, than play one that is a cookie cutter experience as has been the case in past years.

For now though, it may be best to steer clear of career mode.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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