Enable 2FA in Origin and get a month of Origin Access for free

While we love games, Ubisoft gave us a taste of something far better last month – free game subscriptions.

It seems EA is of the same opinion as it has recently announced a new offer that you should totally take advantage of.

That offer is one month of free access to Origin Access, EA’s game subscription service for PC and the publisher has a rather novel way of letting folks claim that free access.

When you turn on two factor authentication (2FA) or as EA calls it Login Verification during October you will get one month of Origin Access in November.

Login Verification sends authentication codes via email, text or an app authenticator and gives you just an additional layer of security to protect from unwanted logins.

Naturally, this offer does come with some terms and conditions.

Paging through those terms and conditions you’ll note that some games might not be available as part of this offer. You will also need to provide payment information so we suspect you will charged $1/€1 much like we were for Uplay+ to prove your payment method is active.

You will also need to activate Login Verification before 31st October.

For anybody that has Origin Access and activates Login Verification, EA will give you a free month of access, for those that have Access Premier, the same offer applies albeit with a free month of Access Premier.

For the security conscious folks who already have the security feature enabled, EA will grant you a free month of Origin Access as well.

Your free access goes live in November which should tempt some folks to extend their stay into the festive season.

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