Divinity is Destiny 2’s newest raid Exotic – Here’s how to get it

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At the weekend the newest Destiny 2 raid – Garden of Salvation – went live.

Released as part of the Season of The Undying, Garden of Salvation takes players to the Black Garden once again.

At the same time that the raid went live Vex Invasions kicked off on The Moon and players who weren’t pushing for World First raid completion were exploring.

As an aside, Vex Invasions take place after public events.

Following the completion of the Garden of Salvation, players discovered a portal on the Moon which spawned an army of Vex and boss. Once killed, that boss drops an Exotic quest that has since been discovered to lead to Divinity – the latest Exotic Trace Rifle.

So, how do you get the weapon? Let’s start at the top.

Firstly you’re going to need to own Shadowkeep/Season of the Undying. If you own Shadowkeep you automatically get access to the season.

Once you’ve completed the main campaign head to Sorrow’s Harbour and then make your way to the Lunar Battlegrounds – the area you spawn into during the first mission.

Lunar Battlegrounds is not marked on the map, look out for this landmark in Sorrow’s Harbour, that is the direction you want to go.

When you arrive at Lunar Battleground, swing left before you cross the broken bridge and make your way down a tunnel until you reach a Vex gate. When you get close to the gate an army of enemies will spawn. Kill these enemies and after two waves, Zeteon, Redemptive Mind will spawn. Kill it and the quest, “What’s This… What’s This?” will drop as an Exotic engram.

Yes, we did try and beat him with a Spare Rations Hand Cannon. We failed.

Analysing the core

The next step of the quest is to head to Nessus. The collective groan of everybody that recently finished Solstice armour aside, you’ll need to analyse three cores in Lost Sectors.

The cores are located in the following Lost Sectors.

The Orrery – Artifact’s Edge: About half way through the sector just before you reach the staircase you’ll spot an alcove on the left.

The entrance is in the shadow. Jump up and you’ll see it.

The Conflux – The Cistern: As you enter the first enemy room, just before the Radiolarian waterfalls you’ll spot a gap in the wall up high on your right.

You’ll need to reach that gap in the wall.

Ancient’s Haunt – The Tangle: Halfway through the Lost Sector you’ll spot the core hiding in a small cave on your left.

Look to the left as you reach the rock wall and you’ll spot the core in the cave we’re pointing at.

Upon scanning each core a group of enemies will spawn to interrupt your efforts, kill them and scan the core again.

Decryption cores and fragments

Once you have full scanned all three cores you’ll need to decrypt the data in the quest. To do this you’ll need 120 Decryption Cores obtained from Vex.

This is where the new Vex Offensive activity will come in handy. We managed to get all 120 Decryption cores in the first run of a Vex Offensive so our advice is to load into one of these and get this step done fast.

Once you have all 120 Decryption cores you’ll need to do one of two things. For those that have 30 Phantasmal Fragments you simply need to head to the Lectern of Enchantment alongside Eris Morn and claim your Empowered Decryption Core. For those that don’t have 30 Phantasmal Fragments you’ll need to farm for them. Phantasmal Fragments drop from Nightmare enemies.

While Sorrow’s Harbour contains plenty of Nightmare enemies, we advise running lost sectors as you can dispatch the enemies quickly and earn fragments fast.

The next step is a bit more involved and you’ll need a raid team.

Raid night

Upon entering the Garden of Salvation you will want to drop down from the platform at the entrance and insert your Empowered Decryption Core into the socket on the wall. You will be notified that you have done this and then you can start the raid.

Throughout the raid there are seven puzzles that need to be completed in order to acquire Divinity.

These puzzles were just recently solved (as in today) and as such we’re yet to jump into the raid and do this for ourselves.

Thankfully, everybody’s favourite gaming bro, Datto, has completed all the steps as well as the puzzles.

We’re going to make one attempt at this before we embed the video. Try doing this for yourself first. If you fail, then use the video as a guide but part of the fun of these quests is trying to figure it out for yourself.

For the full solution, watch the video below. No raid mechanics are spoiled in the video.

Once you’ve completed all seven puzzles you’ll need to complete the raid in order to claim Divinity from the final chest.

We’re rather happy that Bungie has implemented a raid exotic that anybody can get so long as they complete a quest, similar to what was done with the Legend of Acrius in the Leviathan raid.

With the Contest modifiers for the raid now disabled, it should be easier to complete the Garden of Salvation so long as you have a good team with clear communication.

We’ll be testing out the raid later this week and we’ll pen our thoughts in a review of the Shadowkeep end-game soon.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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