Microsoft’s Your Phone app finally gets Call functionality

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Back in August Microsoft announced that new features would be coming to its Your Phone app, among those features was the ability to make calls using your desktop.

While it may have seemed like a Samsung exclusive – given that the announcement came during a Samsung Unpacked event – the app is actually compatible with all Android smartphones, depending on the age of the Android version you’re using.

As part of an update for Windows Insiders, the Your Phone app is now able to make calls – with a few caveats.

Firstly, this is part of the Insider programme so it will likely be rather buggy.

Secondly, you will need to have Bluetooth in the PC you intend to run Your Phone on.

Finally you need to be running Windows 10 build 18362.356.

If you meet those requirements then you will be able to answer and make calls using your PC. Users will also be able to decline incoming calls, access call history and transfer calls from your PC to your phone, seamlessly.

We’ve actually been using the Your Phone app since August and honestly it’s great. It’s easy to get distracted by your phone going off every few minutes and checking what prompted the disturbance. With Your Phone we get a little pop-up on our display that tells us what’s going on and we can even respond to text messages and IMs using the pop-up.

The ability to make calls using the app is great even if Apple has had similar functionality for some time now.

What is unclear at this stage is whether this feature will make it to an official Windows update.

[Source – Microsoft]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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