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Samsung Galaxy Fold’s pre-launch pre-orders are sold out

Last night at a rather lavish event in Johannesburg, Samsung South Africa announced the availability of the Galaxy Fold.

The device is going to fetch a whooping R43 999 but that has seemingly not deterred some folks from parting ways with their cash.

The first batch of Galaxy Fold devices has already been sold out. That is not to say that there won’t be devices in South Africa for the official launch on 18th October.

At the aforementioned event Samsung South Africa said a limited amount of handsets could be pre-ordered with delivery scheduled to happen on 14th October following delays. Looking at the pre-order website it appears that the sold out devices are the pre-orders scheduled to be delivered before the 18th.

Samsung South Africa has said that as a result it will be working to increase stock levels to keep up with demand.

“Samsung is proud to introduce a premium foldable device, that goes beyond the limitations of a traditional smartphone,” chief marketing officer at Samsung South Africa, Cambridge Mokanyane said in a statement.

“The pre-order sales are indicative of the public’s affinity for technology that transcends the norm.”

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s first smartphone with a folding display.

That display measures 7.3inches when unfolded but a 7.3inch display up front allows for easy access to frequently used applications.

The handset (can we still call it a handset at this stage?) sports a 4 380mAh battery, it runs Android 9.0 Pie and houses no less than six cameras.

As mentioned the Galaxy Fold launches in South Africa on 18th October with a retail price of R43 999.

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