Vox launches Lekelela Technical Services to address customer pain points

Telecommunication firm Vox has announced a new arm of its business that will hopefully help address the pain of waiting for your internet line to be installed.

In partnership with Frogfoot Networks, Telkom and Cloudseed, Vox will launch Lekelela Technical Services.

The new arm of Vox will operate as a staff and solutions vendor and will be 51 percent black-owned.

“One of the major issues is the lag and backlog in installation,” says chief financial officer at Lekelela Technical Services, Mayuri Mistry.

“By establishing a dedicated technical services provider under the umbrella of Vox, we aim to reduce installation times and streamline the entire customer experience within the ICT ecosystem. We are excited to kick this initiative off with five employees already in place, and ready to make installations happen faster, and look forward to growing this number in the coming months,” sadds Mistry.

The firm will install physical connections and value-added services over the connection. This method will reportedly lower the cost of installation and reduced lead-time from the time of sale to the dispatching of the invoice.

The firm will install fibre, ADSL, WiFi, PBX, voice, visual communications, SMS and fax solutions for Vox, ADSL and fibre for Telkom, fibre for Frogfoot and WiFi and LAN connections for Cloudseed.

As part of the initiative, Vox will provide skills training and development, with a focus on technical expertise. Over time, skills training and support will extend beyond the technical realm to spheres such as financial and business management, marketing and communications.

“As a company, we are passionate about job creation and entrepreneurship, and the launch of Lekelela Technical Services is a positive step forward for the South African ICT sector at large,” concludes Mistry.


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