3D Printed Pheromosa is one elegant display piece

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While everyone may be focusing on the new Pokémon games one maker has gone back to generation seven to give the Ultra Beast Pheromosa a suitably impressive 3D print treatment.

That maker is @tatsukimarutoto on Twitter who shared the project a while ago and was kind enough to tell us how it came to be.

Pheromosa started life being modelled in Creo Parametric, a process which only took around ten hours to complete. Some of that time was spent not just recreating the Pokémon, but also playing around with poses for the final look of the design.

Official artwork was used for reference here as was the in-game model. This Pokémon was chosen as @tatsukimarutoto likes it but found that no official model was available on the market, which is a common reason we see makers do things themselves.

For printing the model was sliced into several parts which you can see here. In this format you can see that Pheromosa’s design is a few simple shapes stacked on top of each other with the legs taking up much of the volume here.

Despite the lithe proportions here printing took 15 hours to complete, likely owing to the large scale chosen here. When assembled this display piece measures in at 24 centimetres tall.

Finishing work on the raw plastic was rather tame here with the usual combo of sanding, painting and a lacquer finish.

While printing something this gangly is impressive, it should be noted that the large wings on the back, as well as the eyelashes here, are not printed. These were instead made with paper as printing something to be that thin and transparent would not be feasible.

For those looking to make their own the files are, unfortunately, not available. We can’t blame anyone for not wanting to unofficially distribute Pokémon content as Game Freak and Nintendo are especially litigious, something we saw recently as the pair doggedly went after Sword and Shield leaks.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.