Autumn Sale and Steam Awards 2019 are now live

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It’s the week of Black Friday and it seems you can’t go even a few hours without a new sale being announced. The latest platform to host a new sale is Steam, but its event has more to do with the seasons than the shopping holiday.

The Steam Autumn Sale is now live across the whole site and will run until 3rd December.

With thousands of games on sale and daily / flash deals long dead on the platform, our advice for these sales remains the same: open up your wishlist to see what game(s) you’ve been eyeing have been reduced. Sort the list by discount to see which titles have the biggest price reduction.

Aside from cheaper games we love the looping video used as a banner on the store right now. It depicts Steam as a physical store in a cosy Autumn setting… with Gabe Newell himself manning the till.

To coincide with the Autumn Sale, the Steam Awards are now open. As with every year the community can nominate their favourite games in a number of categories.

Clicking on the “nominate” option for each category will bring up a list of qualifying games from your library, but you can then type in the name of whatever title you like.

Games need to have come out in 2019 to be included here, but this does included re-releases. Case in point is Destiny 2, which originally released in September 2017. It then became free to play and launched on Steam in October this year, so it qualifies for nominations.

The eight categories of the Steam Awards are as follows:

  • The Game of the Year Award
  • The VR Game of the Year Award
  • The Labor of Love Award
  • The Better With Friends Award
  • The Most Innovative Gameplay Award
  • The Outstanding Story-Rich Game Award
  • The Best Game You Suck At Award
  • The Outstanding Visual Style Award

Like the sale, the Steam Awards are now live and will run until 3rd December.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of