Enter the Gungeon is now a universe, here’s a website to explore it

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Since launching in 2016 roguelike Enter the Gungeon has had a hell of a ride. It’s received several major expansions from its first-time developer Dodge Roll, a new standalone title has been released for Apple Arcade, and it will be turned into a light gun arcade cabinet in the near future.

Dodge Roll has stated before (on places like its subreddit) that there is now an “Enter the Gungeon-verse” to incorporate all the various products within this IP.

To navigate all of that, a new website has been launched to show it all off – enterthegungeon.com. This domain has been in use for some time now but it has been redesigned to incorporate everything that has happened with Gungeon over the years.

Aside from being a repository for information on these titles, there’s a cool trick here where scrolling up or down the page will play animations from that game.

For the first and main game, for example, it shows several gameplay moments as well as quotes from various outlets about it. You can see that in the gif at the bottom of this story.

Our favourite touch here is for Exit the Gungeon, the aforementioned Apple app. As this game tasks you with leaving the titular Gungeon, the animations play by scrolling up instead of down.

While covering website redesigns really isn’t our shtick, we’ll take any opportunity to try and convince people to play these games. Enter the Gungeon is one of our favourite games of the decade and it’s available on all the consoles as well as PC. There’s really no reason not to get it, especially considering all the sales its in and the fact that it’s free on Xbox Game Pass.

Exit the Gungeon is only on Apple Play right now, but will come to Android after the exclusivity period ends. The light gun game House of the Gundead will, at this stage, only be available as a physical, full size arcade cabinet you will need to buy. That’s coming out in early 2020 for the arcade owners and millionaires out there.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.