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htxt.africast – Death Stranding and Google for South Africa

This week our usual trio is down to two, with Clinton Matos departing for a short while as he writes exams (best of luck Clinton). Luckily Brendyn Lotz and Robin-Leigh Chetty are holding this down for the latest edition of the africast, discussing Death Stranding and Google for South Africa in particular.

Before unpacking the two main topics of this week’s africast, we speak briefly about Disney+, and how the streaming platform is launching in a handful of countries this month, as well as a few others come March 2020. Sadly South Africa is nowhere to be found on that list, but with so many streaming services launching next year, the announcement is likely forthcoming.

The other bit of news should be well-known to South Africans, as Eskom has confirmed that the chances of loadshedding today (8th November) is high, especially as the power utility noted that it has suffered several generator breakages resulting in having to dip into its emergency reserves. With seemingly no end in sight, this month’s Black Friday sales could indeed be dark.

As for the meat of the africast, first up is the highly anticipated Hideo Kojima project, Death Stranding, which we were lucky enough to review before its 8th November global release. With the game not being what we were expecting (very few titles are), it takes awhile to get into the action, but when it does, Death Stranding delivers in the usual crazy fashion one knows from Kojima. There’s also an amazing story that unfolds, which could easily be turned into a movie. If you are patient, Death Stranding has a lot to offer.

The other topic revolves around the first local Google for South Africa event which took place in Johannesburg this week. The event featured a number of announcements, including the local availability of a free reading app Bolo, as well as a free WiFi initiative in the form of Google Station in the Cape Flats. We also touch on Google’s other plans for the continent, and how the outlook is surprisingly positive at the moment.

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