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htxt.africast – Huawei developer day, streaming wars and Black Friday

As we hurtle towards the end of November and the end of 2019, it’s time for another late week edition of the africast.

In this week’s short news segments we cover the latest Tesla, the newest Half-Life, and the Motorola razr. The Tesla looks weird, the Half-Life isn’t 3, and we actually got our hands on the razr for a first impression.

The first larger piece for today is Huawei’s Developer Day South Africa 2019 which we intended, which included many enticing pieces of news for local programmers, including huge incentives for them.

Next up is the streaming wars as Disney enters the fray and triggers yet another fracture in the environment. As we tally up these services and how difficult it is to track and afford them, we yearn for a few years ago when Netflix, and maybe Hulu, was all you’d need.

Finally it’s time to talk about something which hasn’t happened yet: Black Friday 2019. The shopping “holiday” is shaping up to be the biggest one yet with every other South African business announcing what they have planned for the day. This coming Monday we will have a subsection our our site to help you navigate the event.

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