Jaguar & GridCars release live map of EV charging stations in South Africa

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One of the big challenges facing adaption of electric vehicles (EVs) in South Africa is the availability of places to charge them once you’re out of the house. To try and address that Jaguar and GridCars have built a live system on top of Google Maps to find charging stations.

This service features all public charging stations supported by Jaguar Powerway and GridCars. Each station has its own status to indicate its availability, as well as its operability should it be offline.

Those worried about the data on the map being out of date will be happy to see another feature in the fact that the stations report their last successful use, so you can make sure it is still operational before you drive to it.

For example, the closest station to us is at Sandton City which, at the time of writing, is online and was last used two days ago at 18:24. In total this station has been used for 47 sessions and has two different types of charging plugs which are both available.

“The majority of charging stations on the network are 60kWh fast chargers which also feature 22kWh AC fast charge ports to accommodate plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). The AC standard Type 2 socket will allow charging of all EVs currently available in South Africa, while the DC charger is fitted with the CCS DC type socket used by the vast majority of EVs in SA,” a release sent to us reads.

According to that same release the Powerway network is a R30 million invest on behalf of Jaguar.

While we’re happy to see investments like this into the changing world of motoring, it’s come at a bit of an awkward time as South Africa is once again plunged into loadshedding which is likely to persist for the rest of the week.

You can see some screenshots of the map below, but the full thing can be viewed on Jaguar’s website.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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