Loadshedding upgrades to Stage 2 at 9AM on Friday

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Following a night of Stage 1 loadshedding, Eskom will implement Stage 2 loadshedding from 09:00 on Friday morning. Stage 2 loadshedding will cease at 23:00 on Friday.

South Africans have spent well over a week with loadshedding and while Eskom talks about stopping the festivities next week, there is no guarantee of that.

“The Emergency Response Command Centre continues to monitor the situation and the focus is to reduce unplanned breakdowns to below 9 500MW to enable us to minimise and to stop loadshedding in the following week,” Eskom said in a power alert on Thursday.

This morning Eskom said that breakdowns sat at 11 966MW as of 06:30. The utility added that it continues to make use of open cycle gas turbines and water at pumped storage schemes to offset the shortfall.

“As the generating plant continues to perform at low levels of reliability, any unexpected shift such as an increase in unplanned breakdowns could result in a change in the loadshedding stage at short notice,” Eskom said.

As for the long weekend, Eskom said it would provide a prognosis for the weekend on Friday. We will be sure to update our readers once that prognosis is made.

As always, we recommend our readers check their schedules for an indication of when the power will be cut in their area.

We also highly recommend downloading schedules from Eskom which include schedules for Stage 1 to Stage 8 loadshedding.

Whether Eskom will be able to uphold President Cyril Ramaphosa’s promise of no loadshedding from 17th December to 13th January 2020, remains to be seen.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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