No Christmas is complete without a 3D print of Raptor Jesus

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Years ago, when the humour of the internet was a bit simpler to understand, Raptor Jesus would occasionally do the rounds, especially around holiday seasons. Now for Christmas 2019 it has returned once again as a fantastic 3D printed miniature.

Argentinian VFX artist and Thingiverse user WalRit is behind this creation and, for our Christmas gift this year, he was kind enough to tell us how Raptor Jesus was made.

“The idea [happened] during a dinner with friends.We joked about printing a figurine of the meme “Raptor Jesus” and [placing] it among many religious figurines in the parents’ house of a friend, and see how much time take them to realise it,” he says.

After looking around for an existing model and not being able to find one, WalRit decided to make his own. What initially seemed like an easy design to model (just throw a dinosaur head onto a human body and add some clothes) turned out more difficult than expected.

The aforementioned dinosaur head was modelled using another 3D print as a reference. After heavy modification the robes and cloth were easier additions with Microsoft’s 3D Builder being used throughout to clean up parts of the model.

While WalRit didn’t keep exact times for how long the modelling process was, the Raptor Jesus design was worked on over the course of two months. An estimated 20 hours were put in here with 20 more to perfect the cloth parts alone. Another three hours were needed to slice for printing too.

Printing took 30 hours to complete with the assembled miniatures coming in at 19 centimetres tall.

As for painting WalRit’s mother did the heavy lifting on it as she is a decorative painting hobbyist. This added around eight hours to the project time, worked on over three days.

With a fair amount of time before Christmas those looking to make their own version of this project can do so by grabbing the files for free from Thingiverse.

As for the prank mentioned at the beginning of the story, a half scale Raptor Jesus has been printed and is currently hiding at a friend’s house amongst the real decorations. At the time of writing we can confirm that 3D printed Raptor Jesus has not been discovered yet.

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