Reminder: The Spider-Verse Christmas album is real and you should listen to it

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In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse there’s a very quick joke that a Spider-Man Christmas album exists. Well that isn’t just a passing joke, because it does exist, and in our dimension too.

A Very Spidey Christmas is a rather short five song album featuring the voice cast from the movie. Chris Pine (Peter Parker), Jake Johnson (Peter B Parker), Shameik Moore (Miles Morales) and John Mulaney (Peter Porker) all feature.

The album is made up of classic Christmas songs which have been bent to fit the movie and the Spider-Verse. Despite being a literal joke, the music is actually decent and was recorded with a degree of care.

This was released back in December of 2018 around the time of the movie, but we must have been sleep walking through the end of last year as we completely missed it.

Thankfully, with the holiday season of 2019 now kicking into gear we were alerted to its presence, and now we can pass that gift on to you.

The album is available just about everywhere and you can listen to it for free in the usual places if you don’t feel like outright buying it.

Links to all the available platforms are available below.

Listen to A Very Spidey Christmas:

We now task anyone discovering this to try and insert some of these into the family Christmas playlist or the store PA to see if anyone will notice. That may be an idea we borrowed from a 3D print of Raptor Jesus, but it works here too.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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