Sea of Thieves chalks up 10 million players since launch

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Sea of Thieves, the Microsoft exclusive pirate game which launched just under a year ago, has released news that 10 million players have joined in on its high seas adventure so far.

Those 10 million players come from 80 different countries across standalone purchases on Xbox One and PC, as well as subscription players using Xbox Game Pass, where Sea of Thieves is included for both platforms.

Executive director at the game’s developer Rare, Joe Neate, claims that the game is the “most successful new IP from Xbox this generation“, but doesn’t explain by what metric “most successful” is measured by.

The news of all these players also comes with some details about an update for January called “Legends of the Seas” which focuses on the game’s community. On 15th January all players will receiving this update for free by logging and will contain two limited-edition gifts in the form of a custom sail and a new emote. This offer ends on 22nd January.

While this all seems to be rather positive, many aren’t entirely happy with the announcement. Some have rightfully pointed out that the 10 million number is inflated by Sea of Thieves’ many free weekends and its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass. While 10 million people may have tried the game out once or twice in a limited capacity, they’ve likely abandoned the game shortly after.

In a more subjective point, some still lament the bare bones nature of the game – a complaint that was rife during its launch last year and continues to be a sticking point today.

Despite those points of contention Sea of Thieves still has a respectable fan base from what we can see. It’s inspired makers to create things like full 3D printed collections of the Bounty Skulls and chests as seen in the game, and it remains one of those titles that people love to share stories about whenever they get the chance.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of