Spreadsheets and streamers – Destiny 2’s latest puzzle is a marathon event

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Secrets and puzzles have always been some of the best parts of Destiny 2 and the latest puzzle from Bungie is a big one.

On Tuesday players discovered that there was a new quest available from Osiris, a non-player character who was reintroduced in the Season of Dawn.

While Osiris had a fair few quests for players at the top of the season, he had sort of slipped from our memory in recent weeks as his presence had run its course.

Or so we thought.

The quest given to players was simple – Explore the Corridors of Time.

So players began exploring and before long one player stumbled upon a room containing a coffin with a sword laid atop it. While this was shocking to see at first, a prompt to interact with the room was also present and that kicked off the what is starting to become the most complex puzzle in Destiny 2 yet.

Interacting with the room would reveal symbols on the reflection of the roof of the room in the pure white floor of the room. These symbols could be seen outside doorways as folks explored the Corridors of Time. Players also received a lore card.

As you may be guessing, these symbols represented a path players could take that would unlock other lore cards. So the community set to work solving the puzzle.

It was soon discovered that the symbols changed every hour and each hour a new lore card was unlocked. That was until players hit hour 19 and the patterns began “repeating”.

We use the quotation marks because, upon further inspection, it was discovered that the symbols were different for different players.

With the plot thickening the puzzle solvers in the Destiny 2 community got to work.

Since then a theory has evolved. The theory is that each batch of symbols forms part of a much larger map which may (or knowing Bungie may not) lead to a spectacular reward.

With so many possible symbol combinations, solving this puzzle is not a one person affair.

At around 16:00 on Wednesday, more than 12 000 people were working on a Google Spreadsheet. While these folks were pouring over images, others were running through the corridors, harvesting new data.

This meant that if you hit the Destiny 2 category on Twitch you’d find streamers looking at screenshots and spreadsheets rather than laying waste to enemies.

Streamers solving the puzzle included Gladd, Datto, Sweatcicle, Phammy, Chevvy and many others we can’t even recall at this point. It really has been a massive community affair.

The streamers were not working alone as the puzzle solvers that form part of the /r/RaidSecrets subreddit contributed solutions, screenshots and more importantly, time.

So surely with all this brainpower the puzzle has been solved right? Not exactly.

The process of discovering the larger map is ongoing and we have no way of knowing when that will be complete. Once the map has been revealed players will then need to decrypt the map so we may still be a long way away from solving the puzzle.

For those of you interested in becoming a part of this massive community effort we recommend hitting this thread on /r/RaidSecrets. That thread also contains the 19 solutions that will give you the lore cards and a 20th solution which rewards an emblem.

You can also head to Twitch and help one of the Destiny 2 streamers in their efforts.

We’re terribly excited to see what the reward for this long and arduous task is. The best theory we’ve seen is the return of the Raze-Lighter / Dark-Drinker / Bolt-Caster swords which were present in Destiny.

Of course, this whole affair may simply yield lore cards and an emblem but we hope there’s more to it.

As a bit of a bonus we recommend checking out the last time the Destiny 2 community came together to solve a puzzle in the video below.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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