LEGO Old Trafford set is selling for R4500 in South Africa

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For LEGO and football fans in South Africa who are trying to balance their budgets in January, a new product has just been opened for pre-order that is going to mess things up.

Recently LEGO announced a partnership with Manchester United which would see their famous Old Trafford home ground being turned into a buildable set. When that news did the rounds only international pricing was available, but now we know that it will cost R4 499.99 here.

How does this compare to what other countries are paying? When looking at LEGO the most fair comparison we have to do with pricing is take the RRP in the UK. This is because the price there also includes tax (something which the US price does not in certain states).

Those buying this set in the UK will pay £249.99. Converted, at the time of writing, that is R4762.87. This means that we’re actually paying slightly less than expected, thankfully.

As a reminder 10272: Old Trafford — Manchester United is made of 3 898 and, once assembled, is 47 X 39 X 18.5 centimetres. This is 1:600 scale according to LEGO’s description of the set.

The structure is also modular so you can separate the stands from the pitch and admire all the substructures individually.

As with all large sets of this nature, it is exclusively available at the official LEGO store which is taking pre-orders for the 1st February release date. The is the same as the international release date, so we’re also getting it in line with other countries.

Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn’t look like South African customers will be getting the special promotional gift available to those in certain countries. This gift is a small stand featuring minifigures of famous Manchester United players Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law and George Best, and was free when purchasing the Old Trafford set.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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