After months of waiting we finally have another Doom Eternal trailer

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If you’ve been itching for some demon slaying in the new year Doom Eternal has returned with a new trailer filled with some story, cinematic and, of course, some absolutely brutal combat that made the 2016 revival so damn good.

Our favourite part from this new trailer has to be the use of the Crucible sword. Between this and the short blade now mounted on the Doom Slayer’s arm, it looks like there’s going to be a lot more melee action this time around.

The full trailer can be watched below and, while we love everything Doom, there’s not much meat on the bones here. It’s just under two and a half minutes and doesn’t reveal anything especially exciting that we haven’t seen previously.

We’re not exactly sure why this video is titled “official trailer 2” because there’s nothing labelled as the first official trailer in the Doom Eternal playlist on publisher Besthesda’s YouTube page.

The last time we got any kind of trailer for the game was back in August for the Doom Hunter reveal, and we’ve been waiting for more since then.

Doom Eternal was originally slated to be released on 22nd November 2019, but has been pushed back into 2020. We’ll be playing it in a few months when it launches on 20th March.

As we get closer to the release in just over two months, expect more trailers and other marketing to become more frequent.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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