Here’s some of the very specific dog subreddits

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Like most corners of the internet Reddit is dominated by cute pictures of animals. What makes it different, however, is how the site divides itself by way of subreddit.

If you’ve not spent much time on it, a subreddit is a community which has a specific goal or theme. Like cars? Go to /r/Cars. Like to game on a PC? There’s /r/PCGaming. Keep a lot of fish? How about /r/Aquariums.

While every subreddit isn’t as simply named or uniformly focused, it’s easy to see how you could endlessly make new ones for everything that exists.

Because there are so many of the aforementioned cut pictures floating around, cats and dogs have hundreds of subreddits each.

In this story lets look at some of the ones specifically for dogs, and we’ll get to cats another time.

We’ve picked some lesser known subreddits to show select communities off. Click the name of the subreddit or the post itself to visit.


Saw this today, was not disappointed from r/Doggles

Believe or not there’s a burgeoning market of functional goggles made for dogs. Put the two names together and you have the portmanteau doggles.

While some of the fashionable dogs here are wearing these for their jobs (/r/DogsWithJobs) is a tale for another time), some are simply just for fun, as is the picture above.


Blurry picture of a dog from r/blurrypicturesofdogs

You know how that one Insatgram account always has the perfect pictures of several dogs which are perfectly in frame and all happy, and you can’t even take a picture of your dog without it looking like a blurry mess?

Well this subreddit is for you, because it focuses entirely on those pictures where the dogs is too fast and / or exceited for a good picture, which it in itself creates a better picture.


The December Issue from r/dogue

Another portmanteau: dogs that look like they belong on the cover of Vogue.

Maybe the most oddly specific one here today, people have run with the idea of capturing their dog in a stately pose and then editing them onto the cover of a magazine.


The truth speaks for itself from r/DogsWearingSigns

From very specific to a bit more mainstream, so called “dog shaming” was a thing for a while. It consisted of posting a picture of your pet with a written sign explaining that they did something wrong.

These are usually written in the first person from the perspective of the dog.


Before and after study abroad from r/FromPuppyToDog

A far simpler concept here: these are simply pictures showing the progression of a dog from puppy to fully grown.

For extra effect these usually feature a human for a sense of scale, and a large breed of dog.

[Image – /u/Wrkwood23]

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Clinton Matos

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