Impossible Foods now makes plant-based pork

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CES 2020, currently underway in Las Vegas this week, has served up some weird and wonderful things already, but one of the most intriguing comes from Impossible Foods and their latest plant-based replacement for pork.

The company which has made waves in recent years for its Impossible Burger that bleeds like a beef burger would, has now turned its attention to pork and debuted it at the Las Vegas-based tech event.

For now the plant-based pork is in ground form, and will serve as a building block while cooking. Later on a sausage-shaped variant of the Impossible Pork will make its way to market, but there is no talk of whether the company would be able to create something that resembles streaky bacon or other pork products.

Regardless this is an important step for the company, especially as Impossible Foods notes that pork is most consumed meat on the planet.

In terms of when this product will be available to the general public, Burger King (which also has the Impossible Whopper) will receive the plant-based pork to use in its fast food restaurants Stateside before heading elsewhere.

In South Africa plant-based meat alternatives have truly taken off, despite being quite expensive, with Beyond Meat being the main supplier at the moment.

As for when Impossible Foods will make its products available in South Africa moving forward remains unclear, but it’s certain that the company has its eyes set on leading the plant-based revolution.

With TechCrunch noting that Impossible Foods is the only food exhibitor at CES 2020, perhaps more companies will be using the event to showcase its plant-based alternatives moving forward.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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