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Likelihood of overnight Stage 2 loadshedding high says Eskom

2020 has greeted us with more loadshedding, with the past weekend kicking off a rotation of Stage 2 periods from Eskom. The power utility begun loadshedding earlier than normal this morning (8th January) in a bid to assist learners wanting to obtain their 2019 Matric exam results.

While that has offered a slight reprieve, Eskom has issued a statement via Twitter earlier today noting that the likelihood of Stage 2 loadshedding being implemented overnight is high. This as the power utility aims to replenish its water resources and minimise the use of diesel, it explained.

While Stage 2 is one of the lower schedules, Eskom has been careful to point out that the system is under strain and could falter at any stage. Especially as maintenance on equipment in order to better handle breakages and outages at plants is needed, as well as the growing issue of replenishing water supplies, which is already at emergency levels.

Either way the end of loadshedding for the country is far from a reality at this stage, but with new group chief executive, Andre de Ruyter, taking up his role this week, we are forced to be optimistic that things can change.

Either way we suggest subscribing to apps like Eskom Se Push, as well as the power utility’s social media channels and the pages of your relevant municipal supplier, in order to stay in the loop.

[Image – Photo by zae zhu on Unsplash]

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