Radiohead launches Public Library online with all the band’s music, videos and merch

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Radiohead has always done things a little bit differently, especially when it comes to the internet, such as launching surprise albums online to freely download. The band’s latest offering is quite tame by those standards, and could be a treasure trove for fans wanting to get their hands on as much Radiohead content as possible.

To that end the Radiohead Public Library was recently launched, and much like a real library is filled with all types of related media, including music, videos, album artwork, behind-the-scenes footage and merchandise that you can purchase.

Oh there is also a library card you can get from the site, but it’s less of an actual card, and more an image that you’ll need to print out and laminate yourself.

To be fair we’re interesting in the other content on offer, as well as the layout of the site.

Here Radiohead has broken up the site, which scrolls downwards only into different sections that are designated by colours. There is a row of coloured blocks in the top right hand corner of the site, with each block referring to a different “era” for the band, and in particular all the content pertaining to a specific album.

From now until 24th January each of the band members will also be serving as “librarians” on the site, and created curated playlists for visitors to enjoy.

As for the content, songs and albums can be clicked on, prompting a pop up and the option to stream said content via Apple Music or Spotify. You can also click on music videos too, although it’s unclear what platform is serving them up.

As for merchandise, which is album artwork and t-shirts for the most part, those will require users to create an account to facilitate purchases. The same account creation is also needed should you want to get that library card.

For fans of the band, or those just interested to check out the site, it’s well worth exploring to see what you can find.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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