The Universim developer to donate game sales to Australian fire relief

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As the fires in Australia continue many people and organisations are taking it upon themselves to raise money for disaster relief and other expenses associated with firefighting. One such organisation is developer of The Universim, Crytivo, which is pledging its game sales to the cause.

For January and February, 30 percent of game sales made on Steam will go towards this. Crytivo also has their own store where its games can be bought directly, and 100 percent of net revenue from there will also be donated.

“Profits from our games will be donated towards rebuilding lost homes, firefighters working overtime and environmental cleanup,” writes Crytivo founder CEO Alex Koshelkov.

As Koshelkov writes elsewhere in the announcement, Crytivo is a relatively small organisation, but anything goes a long way to help what’s happening in Australia.

We also believe that this may be a sign of things to come, with this being an example to be set for the rest of the gaming industry. Hopefully big names in the business will do something similar in the future, taking the actions of Crytivo as inspiration.

While we headlined this story with The Universim, as it’s the latest game from the company and its Steam sales are tied to the donations, it’s worth noting that Crytivo is also a publisher.

If The Universim isn’t your type of game, or you simply wish to buy something else, the games it publishes are available on the aforementioned store. South Africa’s own Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse is one such game featured there, so you can support the cause in Australia while also playing a local title.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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