Weta Workshop expands its figurine line into Apex Legends

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While many know Weta Workshop as the special effects studio behind countless films and shows, the company is also a collectables powerhouse that pumps out high quality figurines which are now available for Apex Legends.

News around Apex Legends shouldn’t be too much of a surprise at the moment as the free to play battle royale from Respawn just celebrated its one year anniversary.

To mark the occasion Weta Workshop has released three new entries in its Mini Epics. This line of figurines are vinyl and have a stylised look to them. We know those two aspects usually scare people away as they evoke the deformed look of Funko Pops or Funko Pop knockoffs, but these actually look decent.

Bangalore, Bloodhound and Mirage are available here and stand 18, 14 and 16 centimetres tall respectively. Each of these Mini Epics products cost $29.99 (~R444) which is the standard pricing for all figurines in this line, save for special editions like the larger Balrog.

The Apex Legends Mini Epics are selling on the Weta Workshop website which ships from the US right now at the time of writing. Shipping from the Europe and New Zealand warehouses are instead only going out in March, so purchases from there will instead be pre-orders.

We’ve got some glamour shots of the new entries into the line down below, and you can also watch this quick promotional video to see more of each, including the packaging and a bit of animation.

If Apex Legends just isn’t your thing, Mini Epics are also available for Borderlands, District 9, Lord of the Rings and many more. Most of the famous movies Weta Workshop has worked on are represented here, and the entire range can be browsed on the store.

Weta Workshop Mini Epics Bangalore – $29.99

Weta Workshop Mini Epics Bloodhound – $29.99

Weta Workshop Mini Epics Mirage – $29.99


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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