Fans fill in the blanks for teased new mythical Pokémon

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Over the weekend, the official Pokémon channels shared an image of a silhouette which we now know belongs to a new mythical Pokémon that will be revealed come 27th February.

For long time fans these kind of reveals was a popular way for new Pokémon to be revealed. The black void of the silhouette was taken as a challenge by many artists to try and predict what the official art would look like.

While, in recent years, this kind of reveal has not been used very often, we still have classics from the past, the most famous likely being this interpretation of the water Pokémon Oshawott as a grass type duck creature with a giant acorn on its head.

For this mythical artists have once again tried their best to work with the outline to come up with a design before the official reveal later this month.

We’ve seen a bunch of them posted on Twitter, which we have embedded below.

At this pint we have to note that this piece of fan art is being passed off as the official reveal. At the time of writing we’re not aware of any leaks so this is just misinformation right now.

Everything else on this page is either an earnest fan attempt at guessing what this new Pokémon will look like, or a bit of a joke.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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