Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Edition is R3999 in South Africa

Recently it was revealed that the Avengers game, being developer by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix, would be receiving a fancy collector’s edition called Earth’s Mightiest Edition. Now we have confirmation that it will be available in South Africa for the price of R3 999.

For your money you will be getting a six inch (15.24 centimetres) Hulk bobblehead, faux blueprints for an Iron Man armour, a Mjölnir keychain, a Black Widow belt buckle, a pin of the Avengers symbol, a fake photograph and a steelbook for the game.

The big ticket item in the book is centred around this game’s version of Captain America. Inside the Earth’s Mightiest Edition is a 12 inch (30.48 centimetre) PVC figurine of Cap made by Gentle Giant.

So how is the pricing in our country compared to overseas? When this product was announced only the European price of €219.99 was available. This is perfect for comparison as US RRPs sometimes don’t include tax.

Right now €219.99 converts to about R3609.15. This means we’re only paying slightly more in SA, but this is to be expected considering how big collector’s edition boxes are and how insanely expensive it would be to import them in a personal capacity. The R3 999 price tag here is a fair deal then.

The store that has put that price tag on this is Raru. At the time of writing it is the only platform we can find selling the product, which is not uncommon as Raru has made it a point to stock most of these very expensive items.

You can pre-order the Earth’s Mightiest Edition from Raru on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While a PC version of the game is coming out at launch, this collector’s edition is only available for console.

As always with Raru, we have to warn everyone about shopping with them. The store has a history of not honouring sales, long fulfilment times and a litany of other problems. Just recently we jumped through many a hoop just return a faulty CPU cooler. Buyer definitely beware here, but this is your only option to buy this version of the game locally.

Avengers does not have a release date right now, but will be out some time later in 2020.


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