htxt.africast – LG G8X ThinQ, Mr. Robot and Blackberry’s death

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It’s finally February which means that the endless January 2020 has ended and we can get to a new africast.

Let’s get to the quickfire news stuff: Google has worked with the WHO to add useful information about the Coronavirus to searches about it, Activision and other videogame entities are doing their parts to raise funds for bushfire relief in Australia, and the repair of important internet cables servicing South Africa is going well but have not been completed as yet.

For our first feature of the day we talk about the LG G8X ThinQ. Instead of offering a folding screen like many similar companies on the market, LG has gone a stranger route and added a dual screen cover to its latest phone. We talk about the last few weeks testing it and you can expect a full review soon.

Next up is the fourth and final season of Mr. Robot. We’ve watched through the entire show recently and it’s a bit of a marvel how it has managed to tell such a compelling and consistent story all of these years. It has definitely stuck the landing for for its ending, something that is a real wonder after Game of Thrones soiled itself in its last season.

Finally, and rather sadlym it appears that Blackberry is dead for good this time. The brand has been in the hands of TCL for the past few years but this will no longer be the case. With little market interest in the old giant it seems that no new devices will ever bears the Blackberry name again.

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