htxt.africast – Xbox Series X, AI and Huawei Mobile Services

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Well, another month of 2020 is in the books and the africast is here yet again for the second last day of February. Damn leap year.

For our news section today we talk about Beautiful Desolation which is a South African game from the same people who made Stasis, a new concept phone from Vivo and finally a Google vote for the Pokémon of the year.

Going onto our longer features section, we start with Microsoft’s upcoming next generation console the Xbox Series X. After months of fake leaks and rumours we finally have some solid details about the hardware and software that it will run, and everything honestly looks great. The decisions made around backwards compatibility and hardware support seem to all benefit the consumer, which is an off thing for a business to do.

Next up let’s have a general conversation about AI. It seems to be the bogeyman every time new tech is discussed and everyone seems to either think about The Matrix or Terminator each time an advancement is made in the field.

Finally it’s back to tech you can use right now and this week we’re again talking about Huawei. The Chinese firm has a rocky relationship with Google and its Android operating system which run on Huawei devices, something that could be solved with a new OS. This obviously causes a slew of problems with consumer familiarity and app support, so we’ll need to see how it pans out in the coming months and years.

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