New video gives us our best look yet at Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip

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Next week Samsung is set to hold its first Galaxy Unpacked event of the year, with the company’s second foldable phone – the Galaxy Z Flip – is expected to be in attendance.

That has not stopped leakers from sharing a video of the supposed Galaxy Z Flip in action, with Ben Geskin sharing the video on Twitter.

As you can see from the footage below, the device is shown in both its folded and unfolded modes, with Samsung taking a leaf out of Motorola’s book and going for a clamshell design as seen in the new foldable razr.

While we do not have confirmed specifications at this stage, going off of the video, once unfolded the Galaxy Z Flip looks rather large. It also seems a little unwieldy to open one-handed, but we’ll put that down to the user in the video recording with the other hand.

With last year’s Galaxy Fold garnering plenty of interest despite several issues that hampered its launch, it looks as if the Galaxy Z Flip will prove equally as attention grabbing, given the interest that this video has amassed.

More importantly, it will prove interesting to see if Samsung has learned from some of the hurdles of the Galaxy Fold – namely the quality of the screen and addressing any creases at where the phone folds.

As mentioned earlier we won’t have to wait to long until the Galaxy Z Fold sees the light of day. Samsung Mobile South Africa will be hosting a local live stream of the global event on 11th February, and we’ll be on hand covering the goings on.

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Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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