Xbox is bringing back atomic purple. Kinda.

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Few console colours are as famous of as the “atomic purple” translucentNintendo ones, and Microsoft may be borrowing from that with a new version of the Xbox One controller in a colour called “Phantom Magenta”.

“Equip yourself with the Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Magenta Special Edition, featuring a translucent design that fades to dark pink, and textured grip for enhanced comfort. Enjoy custom button mapping and plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. And with Bluetooth technology, play your favourite games on Windows 10 PCs, laptops and mobile devices,” the description of this controller reads.

Yes we know Microsoft calls it pink but the promotional images provided for the controller – especially the header image above – looks very atomic purple to us.

This controller will be available from 17th May this year. If you’d like to pick one up the controller has its own dedicated page with a “find a retailer” button you’ll need to navigate until you find somewhere to pick it up.

These special edition controllers usually hit most big name retailers around the world so we wouldn’t sweat it too much about hunting one down as we get closer to May.

If you already have a tonne of Xbox One controllers around and you don’t feel like spending more cash to pick this unique controller up, there’s always the option to buy a replacement shell and make the swap on a stock controller yourself. You can find them on places like eBay.

It’s also worth noting here that third party manufacturer PDP makes a wired version of the controller with a dark purple translucent top shell. Not quite the same but worth taking note of if you don’t want to do a shell swap or buy the Phantom Magenta.

Thankfully, regardless of your choice of Xbox One controller, it will work with the upcoming Series X console. 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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