Bungie drops Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy trailer ahead of release

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Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn is wrapping up and as expected, developer Bungie has revealed a few details for players, including a new trailer.

Before we dive into the news, check out the trailer below. Bungie really does well with these and the soundtrack here is A class.

There’s a lot to digest here and given that I’ve been away for nearly two weeks, there’s some older news you may have missed.

The Return of Trials of Osiris

Following the veritable war between donating and investing Fractaline that happened a few weeks back (for those that have no idea what I’m on about check out this video) Bungie announced that Trials of Osiris would return.

This is a pinnacle Player versus Player activity where the stakes are high but the rewards are oh-so-sweet.

The activity will have power enabled and players will need to be at power level 960 to compete. Winning matches will earn you Pinnacle gear and winning seven matches in a row (also known as “going flawless” will yield additional rewards and a trip to The Lighthouse.

It seems to be very much a case of Trials from Destiny returning and this time it won’t be going away.

Ra-Ra Rasputin

For those who aren’t looking forward to sweating it out in Trials, there will be Player versus Enemy activities in Season of the Worthy.

“With the Sundial freed from the clutches of the Red Legion, one escaped Psion Flayer enacts a desperate ploy for revenge against the Last City. Guardians of the Light must set aside old differences to band together with unlikely allies and save the City from total destruction,” reads a blurb on Bungie’s website.

There will be new public events known as Seraph Towers emerging across the system. So far it appears as if these will take place in the EDZ and the Moon but that’s just what we saw in the trailer. Players will also be tasked with clearing out Rasputin’s Seraph bunkers.

We’re keen to see more of the Warmind Rasputin, especially since the expansion of the same name was a bit of a flop.

A cutscene from two weeks ago however has us wondering whether Rasputin’s presence is a good or bad thing.

There will of course be weapons to earn and from the Bungie website we can see a Machine Gun, Auto Rifle, Hand Cannon and Sidearm so far.

As regards Exotics, Season Pass owners will be able to claim the Exotic Auto Rifle, Tommy’s Matchbook right away while free-to-play players can earn it at level 35 of the Season Pass.

We also see the return of The Fourth Horseman, an Exotic Shotgun from Destiny’s Dark Below expansion.

There is also an Exotic quest but details on that are thin on the ground, as they should be.

Weapon rotation and sundry

Last week Destiny 2 game director, Luke Smith penned one of his walls of text also known as a Director’s Cut.

In that wall of text, Smith talked about some of the gameplay changes coming in Season of the Worthy.

One of those changes Bungie is exploring is shelving weapons and making it so that players can’t simply infuse the Spare Rations they have been using for months on end.

“Items will enter the ecosystem, be able to be infused for some number of Seasons and beyond that, their power won’t be able to be raised. Our hope is that instead of having to account for a weapon’s viability forever when we create one, it can be easier to let something powerful exist in the ecosystem. And those potent weapons entering the ecosystem mean there’s more fun items to pursue,” wrote Smith.

This should solve two problems, namely:

  • Vault space
  • Power creep

With weapons now set to have an expiry date, this should add a bit of freshness to Destiny 2. Does it suck that my god-roll Perfect Paradox will likely be useless this time next year? Of course, but with the prospect of better weapons do I really care? Not really.

There’s no exact word on when this change is coming to Destiny 2 but it’s worth keeping in the back of your mind as you grind for gear.

Smith also wants Bungie to shift away from creating events that disappear.

At present, folks who miss out on seasons miss out entirely. Unlike something such as Forsakenm and its Season Pass which players could come back to in their own time, the Shadowkeep Season Pass model only inspires FOMO.

“We’re talking about moving away from creating Season-bespoke private activities and instead using that time and effort to build themes that aren’t just represented by a marquee event that will fade away, but rather to inject these Seasonal themes into more of the game. Like we continue to evolve the world’s narrative, we could invest more in the evolving world of our public spaces and take further efforts to evolve Destiny 2’s core activities,” said Smith.

That seems to be what is happening with the Seraph Towers in Season of the Worthy unlike the Sundial which was a private space.

There’s a lot coming to Destiny 2 next week and we’re quite keen to dive back into the game and see what Bungie has in store.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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