Think Camp kicks off a number of coding and robotic holiday courses this month

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For many parents, school holidays have either started or are just around the corner. While this means the vast majority of children will be vegging out in front of the TV (speaking from experience), there are a few different options available for those wanting to get their kids interested in coding and robotics.

One of those options is being made available by local educator Think Camp, which has nine different courses kicking off in the next couple of weeks.

The focus at Think Camp is primarily on coding and robotics, with different courses available depending on the Grade the learner is in, or their level of understanding for the subject.

Looking at the courses, which you can see in the screenshot below, they are split up into either one-day or two-day sessions, with learning levels segmented into Grade 2 to 5, Grade 4 to 7 and Grade 8 to 11.

As for the focus of the courses, it appears to feature quite a few options for those learners in the latter stages of primary school, Grade 4 to 7, with CodeBot and App Maker Jr being two of the more interesting options on offer. The latter is over two days, and could dovetail nicely into the fully fledged App Maker course for learners in Grade 8 to 11.

For a bit of added incentive, Think Camp is also offering discounts on tickets for the courses, with it ranging between R50 to R100 off depending on whether you’re getting a single ticket or more than two.

To find out more about Think Camp, it’s upcoming batch of courses, or what else it has to offer in terms of coding and robotics, head to its site here.

[Image – Think Camp Facebook]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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