Mystery Science Theater 3000 at home with a 3D print of Crow T. Robot

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Despite its cult status we’ve seen relatively few 3D prints from the world of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so let’s change that today with a scale desktop version of Crow T. Robot.

This specific print and remix comes to us from Thingiverse user SparkBibo, with the original model being created by Dave Long. Long apparently worked on the DVD menus for the show and uploaded his version of Crow T. Robot to the site.

“The original Crow Thing had all of the parts in a single STL file. Now, this would have fit on the bed of my Ender 3 pro, but in my experience, large multi-part prints like that tend to have issues. So, I imported it into TinkerCAD and broke it apart into individual STLs for each part (jaw, face, arm, body, ett),” SparkBibo tell us about their remix.

After fixing a small issue with the eyes and adding in supports, the remix process only took between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

As for printing itself an exact record of the time it took is not available, but it was done over two days before being completed.

Once off the print bed the pieces were cleaned up and assembled. A gold filament, of which there are many for sale, would have worked perfectly here, but unfortunately that was not on hand for this project.

Instead an orange filament was used followed up by a gold spray paint from the local hobby shop. The rest of the non-gold details such as the black areas and the eyes were painted on by hand.

The finished print you see on this page is 24 centimetres tall and makes a perfect companion for a previous Tom Servo print, also created by another user.

SparkBibo’s remix Crow T. Robot can be found and downloaded from Thingiverse for free. The original by Long is available in the same place.

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