Mewtwo’s incubator recreated with 3D printing, a glass and a pump

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With the remake of Pokémon: The First Movie hitting Netflix last month, many fans of the franchise have returned to the tale of Mewtwo being made and escaping into the world. Now those fans (and everyone else) can recreate a bit of that at home with a functional 3D print of the water incubator that Mewtwo is seen in early in the movie.

This is thanks to Willow Creative who created a desktop miniature of the incubator. A video of it in action (embedded below) did the rounds on Twitter at which time it was picked up by several outlets, but we’ve gotten in contact with them to find out exactly how this project was made.

“I used Autodesk Maya and Zbrush to create the models, though the Mewtwo model was an existing 3D model from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was then repositioned and remeshed to create the incubator pose and make it high quality suitable for the 3D printer. That saved me a lot of time, so in the end it only took me about 3 hours to create all the models,” Willow Creative says about the start of the process.

To make Mewtwo itself all that complex cloning stuff was replaced by a resin 3D printer to ensure the most amount of detail could be captured for the relatively small representation of this Pokémon. Printing Mewtwo took about five hours to complete with the rest of the parts of the incubator capsule taking around 10.

The incubator was sanded and filled out with epoxy resin to make it as smooth as possible before spray painting. Mewtwo was instead painted by hand and holes were drilled into it so metal wire could be attached throughout.

This wire is just one part of the project that isn’t a 3D print. Together with this a normal drinking glass was used as the main body and water vessel of the incubator. To create the bubbles in the water which are seen in the movie, a small 3V air pump was used that sits in the base and pushes air into the water through a silicon tube.

An LED strip adds some suitable lighting to the piece, and a battery bank provides power.

Once assembled the piece stands 24 centimetres tall. Those looking to make their own can find the files to do so available for free on Thingiverse. This version is specially scaled to fit a glass that is seven centimetres in diameter, so you will need to do a bit of scaling work to fit whatever glass or bottle you have on hand.

“The revised Mewtwo movie and also because I was working on a Mewtwo costume the last few months gave me the idea to make it! I grew up with the classic movie, which was a great memory from my childhood. I also acquired the resin printer recently, which gave me the tools to make a detailed figure like the one made for the incubator,” Willow Creative concludes.

While this is intended to be a scaled down toy a 1:1 version of the incubator actually exists and is on display at one of the Pokémon Centers in Japan. Someone could now 3D print one to that size with the right printer and a lot of filament.

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